The benefits

Thanks to the generosity of the Wellcome Trust, this has to be one of the best funded Ph. D. programs in Structural Biology that you will find! 

You will receive a full stipend, at a generous level of >£20,000 per annum to support your living costs for all four years of the program.

Your University fees for all four years will be fully covered by the program. This includes overseas fees, meaning that the program is fully funded for all of our students, whether they are from the United Kingdom, or anywhere else in the world.

You will receive a total of £50,000 for research costs. This will go to your host laboratories to pay for the things that you need to conduct your research and will allow you to buy a computer to use for your studies.

You will receive £2,500 which you can spend on travel related to your studies. This will allow you to attend conferences, to take data collection trips or to travel to work in the laboratories of collaborating research teams.

You will each receive a training budget. Some of this will be used to pay for the courses and workshops which we run for all of you, but some of it will also be available to allow you to pay for courses and workshops specific to your project.

You will have access to a transitional fund. Wellcome have provided us with this funding to support you as you transition from your Ph.D. to the next stage of your career. You can use it to support you as you take internships, exploring different career options. If you plan to remain in academic research, you can also use it to allow you to spend some time as postdoctoral researcher, finishing publications and writing fellowship applications. 

Finally, you will benefit from being part of one of the Oxford Colleges. Your College will most likely offer you accommodation, as well as providing the opportunity to engage socially and academically with students and academics in a wide range of disciplines. It will also provide you with excellent pastoral and welfare support, to complement that available from the program. While you are free to apply to any of the Oxford Colleges that accept students onto the program, we have links to Merton and Jesus Colleges, and would encourage you to apply here.